How to Keep Your Girlfriend Interested In You

by DiSt0rTi0n_07

When you begin dating an attractive woman you must realize how important variety, mystery, and suspense really are. I made these rules to help you understand their value in a more understandable way.

The location of a date should always be appropriate and always something different

If you have any idea what you are doing, then surely you know that the first date is ideally somewhere where you can communicate with your date. After all, you want to know whether or not she is worth your time. (This is also the perfect time for her to get to know you and become more comfortable around you -- so keep this in mind.) However, a coffee date, dinner date, picnic, etc. is not always the best way to go for subsequent dates.

Do not let things get repetitive and predictable

Perhaps on a subsequent date you would like to take her to a movie theater or invite her over to watch some old movies; it doesn't matter as long as it's not always the same ol thing.

Further down the line you may want to try golfing, self-defense classes, or some sort of hands-on activity. These are GREAT for a genuine DJ technique we call KINO. For example, if you are showing her how to defend herself or swing a golf club, you can use some light kino (touching) to explain it.

Be creative! You are also creating a sense of mystery about yourself because she never knows what the date will entail. This means that she will know you are always planning something different than the last date. Women love suspense and mystery, and what's better than giving them absolute suspense?

What's the difference between mystery and suspense? Mystery is not knowing what one will do next. Suspense is the emotion she tries to contain around you as she attempts to figure out what you are thinking.

Mix up her suspense level once in a while

If the woman that you are trying to seduce is always at her highest level of suspense, she may become desperate. Suspense is like an addiction: if she is always filled with suspense then she will crave more and more and more and eventually you might have a very desperate girl on your hands. If this has happened to you, you know how much of a turn-off it really is.

WARNING: Don't let her suspense level get too low or you will become boring *shudder*. Always be mysterious and let the SL flow with the mood.

Be creative and mix things up for your lady!

Nothing impresses her more than variety, mystery, and suspense!


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