Gaining Confidence with Women By Building Momentum

by Brian

The magic word on this site and any other dating self-help site is confidence. Ok, that's great, but where does one acquire this elusive confidence?

From success, that's where.

That is, however, cyclical logic. So you need to find a starting place. When you haven't had a date or hookup in a while, your confidence is down.

So, if it's been a while, I drop my standards to a more easily achievable level, a starting place. That doesn't mean take a paper bag with you when you go clubbing, it just means that you settle for a date or a hookup with a girl who you might otherwise overlook. You do NOT want to wake up feeling worse about yourself, so steer clear of the troll leering at you from the corner.

What happens is you wake up on say Saturday morning after a fun date the night before or a good hookup and you feel like a pimp, so then you go out that night and when you talk to that hottie you've met a few times you have a nice easy smile and a healthy glow. For a time, you'll feel really good about your ability with girls, which will help you land better girls, and now you've entered the upward cycle.

This process of building momentum has helped me restart my dating/sex life several times. It works if you're willing to drop those ridiculous standards once or twice.

Give that girl in your office who's been trying to get your attention a chance, or settle for a 6 instead of an 8 for the night. And if you ride the updraft you'll have a 10 by the end of the month.