Meet More Girls by Using Relationship Scouts to Help You

by Daniel

Become friends with people in committed relationships. You know, married couples or that guy at work who has been with his girlfriend for years.

You may say why?

The answer is that married men and men in relationships always attract single women like magnets... precisely because they are taken. Also, women in relationships see single women as the enemy or some kind of threat and want them to be in relationships just like they are.

So what does this mean for you?

The cute girl that works for the married guy says that all the great guys like him are taken. He says, "Well I do have a friend of mine that's a great guy and he's single."

Or the wife says, "I have a dear friend of mine that you would get along with, you have to meet her, she's single!"

These couples can be a scouting service for you while you are out looking for more honeys. And they usually do all the relationship background work for you.

Good luck!