How to Practice Making Eye Contact with Hot Girls

by Justin

I used to have problems holding eye contact with women because I was so nervous around them.

We could be on the dance floor or chatting away at the table and I still only kept minimal eye contact. I never could look her straight in the eyes without feeling awkward.

So I decided to devise a plan. I thought I just needed practice. I tried it on my friends... It didn't work because I was so comfortable around them. Next was the sister... no luck, felt kinda weird too. And since I needed practice I couldn't just grab a stranger and chat away either.

So finally after days of thinking I walked in my bathroom and what did I see?

Well, the other day I highlighted my hair. Just to get crazy. I left the box in the bathroom. Have you ever looked at those hair coloring kit boxes? Those women are HOT. Let's just say I put that box to use.

It sits on my computer desk so that while I'm on here reading this website over and over, I can practice talking to a girl and looking her straight in the EYES!

Hey, it worked for me!