Meeting Women with ICQ

by Niki in Bulgaria

I have mastered a specific way of finding women, dating them, and getting laid.

I use ICQ. No this is not an ad for ICQ. I am just online 24 hours a day. I have nonstop internet both at work and at home.

I really work a lot, as probably many of you. I know that you really do not have much time for going out searching for women. It is the same with me. I get up early, do my jogging, take a shower, go to work, after work I go to my martial arts school. And hola - the day is over!

Well during work, using ICQ does not take much time. I use White Papers to find girls, mostly 18-22 in my town. I start chatting with them. The first thing is to make them reply.

If you just say "Hi! How are you? Nice to meet you!", they will most probably NOT answer. I usually say something like: "Hello, nice to meet you! I am Niki. If you do not answer me I will never bother you again." It's not always this line, but it's something similar to this.

This way she is not the one that has the power to reject you, because if she does not reply, she has already been rejected! Girls do not like this! They answer with MUCH higher probability! That is the FIRST WIN.

The second thing is to make them reply with something different from "Yes" and "No".

I ask them some common questions, like what their work is, where they live, what music they like, and so on. Based on the answers, I ask further questions, CONNECTED with her previous answers! Just build on the information she gives you.

This is important, because you show her that you listen to her and you are really interested in her, rather than asking the same questions to all girls on the net. When you start having a nice little conversation, that is the SECOND WIN.

Next, you MUST get her picture! If the conversation is going well, there will be no problem in asking her for a picture swap. Do not just ask her if she has a pic. Tell her, "Give me your pic. I will give you mine!"

She will most probably ask you to send your picture before she sends hers. That is OK - do not argue - just send the pic! This way she does not fear that you are someone that collects pictures. And she knows you have enough confidence to send your pic first!

For me, the picture means a lot. Most beautiful girls have their pictures at hand. If the girl does not like herself, most probably she has no pic. It is not a guarantee, but it is MOST probable that you will not like her too. So if you get an answer that she has no pic, stop wasting your time with her.

Most blind dates for me without first seeing the picture, have been disasters in terms of the looks of the girl. If you do not like her, just forget her. Of course, do not be too rude. Just little by little stop the conversation, but not at once after you get the pic. When you get her picture, if she is hot, this is the THIRD WIN!

Next, you have to turn the conversation towards the the sex zone.

It really depends on the conversation, but if I have no clue, I ask something like, "Do you cheat on your BF?", "Are you jealous?", "How do you like to be woken up in the morning?", "Are you a bad girl?" and other questions like these.

You have to be a little less direct, because if you hit her with "What do you like in sex?" she will most probably put you in the ignore list. This could take some time, but it is worth it!

I recommend seeing a girl you met via ICQ only AFTER you have chatted at least a little on sexy spicy topics! So try hard for this! Use your humor of course! When you start the sex topics, this is your FOURTH WIN!

Now you are ready to ask her for a date.

I recommend you to only meet girls that are from your town. I think this is the best solution, but it is not necessary. Even though you have talked about sex, do not invite her to your bed right away, unless you are sure she will agree! I have had such direct ICQ-to-bed dates and it was really great, but most girls do not do that!

Of course, stay sharp for the opportunity! You might meet such a girl! I hope you do. Just say something like "Pizza? Cinema? Disco? Or any combination of these?" Here you can use all you have learned from this newsletter. As you see in the above explanation, I use some of the tips, I have read here. When she agrees to go out, this is the FIFTH WIN!

Now, without spending any time outside, you have a date with a beautiful girl, who does not mind talking about sex, likes you and wants to meet you! Wow! The really busy people will appreciate this! This is a great starter!

Now from here on, it really depends on the girl, but do not be afraid to kiss her on the cheek right when you meet, do not be afraid to hold her in your arms at first when you say "hi" and when you kiss her. Just show your confidence, show that you know she likes you and you are not afraid of being rejected.

Of course show her that you are not so needy that all you want is sex! Be funny, talk to her, listen to her, dance with her. If you want to kiss her, hold her hair and play with it a little. While doing this look in her eyes, then look at her lips, then back into her eyes and change this several times. If she does not back off, it is perfectly ok to kiss her! That is your SIXTH WIN!

You must decide if she is ready to go to bed with you on the first meeting. Look at her eyes, listen to her voice, watch her gestures! She will tell you!

When you feel she wants this, do not ask her, just tell her that she can come to your place. This way you stay in control and show her that this is not so much of a problem for you. That you will be perfectly fine if she says no. Then again she will feel she has no control and to gain it back, she will say Yes! That is your SEVENTH WIN!

After the night, you can decide if you will go for the EIGHT WIN - next date. It is really up to you. If you are involved with someone else, probably you would like to keep the new relationship a secret. Tell this to the girl - do not lie her! This is very important! The perfect situation is if she is involved too!

If you are not and if you liked the previous evening and the night, go for it! But be prepared that she could want to keep it secret! Just do not make a huge drama out of this! Just let her be your love date and take as much as you can from the secret nights with her!

That is my story, dudes. :)

I hope you can use something from it in your practice!