How to Make Sure She Appreciates You

by Giovanni Casanova

Take just a quick minute and think about something...

What makes gold so great? Or diamonds? What makes a diamond so much more special than a cubic zirconia? Both are shiny. Both are "pretty." So why is a diamond so much more expensive? Why is it so valuable?


People want things that they see as rare. Diamonds are rare. If amethyst was more difficult to find than diamonds, I guarantee people would be getting on one knee with an amethyst engagement ring. Diamonds are rare and therefore, valuable. It's the law of supply and demand.

What does this mean to you?

Be rare. Be a diamond. Be different than the others.

Amongst all the other lumps of coal (other guys) you are the diamond. You stand out, above and beyond all the others. Learn to play an instrument, learn comedy, learn a foreign language. Do something that will make her say, "Here's something different."

Once she sees how interesting you are, pull back. If she wants you, she's going to have to work for you.

Ever go to college? If so, you can pick out the ones whose parents are paying for their school versus the kids who are either paying for it themselves or are on scholarships that require good grades. The ones who have things given to them don't appreciate what they have as much as the ones who have to work for what they want.

If she has to work to get to you, she'll appreciate you much more once you *LET* her have you.

Remember, to be valuable, you have to be rare. People take for granted the things that are always there. Don't always be there.

Be rare. Be a diamond.