How to Establish an Emotional Bond with a Woman — Instantly

by Topcat

Guys rarely express their feelings with each other or with women, but women live on a very emotional level.

If you're having a conversation with a girl you just met (and I don't mean banalities shouted over the sound of loud bar music) just about anything she tells you can be answered with: "How did that make you feel?"

I know, maybe that makes you sound like a psychiatrist, but most people will be surprised that anyone bothered to ask them about their feelings. Quite often, no one has asked them that question and often they've never even asked themselves.

This gives women the idea that you actually care about them and they will answer truthfully most of the time, opening their vulnerable emotional side to you.

This means you have gained a measure of trust; but don't take that responsibility lightly -- mean it!

Listening can't be faked. You have to have eye contact, nod your head, really listen sincerely, and give the intellectual and sympathetic response as the conversation continues.

We like the people who like us. It's that simple. Anyone's favorite topic of conversation is themselves.

Even beautiful women are full of insecurities and feel no one understands them. Once you establish an emotional bond and connect with their feelings, you have taken a big step to the next level, have become a good friend, and are moving toward a romantic relationship.