What Is Speed Dating and How to Use It to Meet Women

by Dr. Oh Yes

Speed dating is a great way to meet a lot of women in a short amount of time.

Three to five minutes a date, with 10-18 women sitting there ready to meet you. No games, no big checks, no BS.

Figure it out -- 1 date, about $50 right? I'm counting everything from the gas all the way to the waiter's tip. Okay, 18 women equals about $900. Why not pay $40 and meet the same amount of ladies.

There are all kinds of perks. You don't like her? Ask a couple questions, say it was nice to meet her, the bell rings, and your now introducing yourself to the hottie at table #2.

Some dating sites out there are: Facilidate.com or pre-dating.com. Match.com has one.

After you meet these 18 ladies, you put "yes or no" next to their name, giving them a "hit". At the end of the evening you give the host your list. The host will send you a list of email addresses or phone numbers of the ladies that matched both of your hits. If a lady gives you a hit, but you don't give her one, it's called a close call.

I'm not trying to encourage you to go, as much as I am hoping to encourage you to set one of these up. You can write the rules here, boys.

I went to one speed dating event at one lounge and they gave everyone 3 glasses of wine. It was easily the most fun I have had, and I got 5 hits from women I had hit.

I've been dating ever since.