How to Get a Girl to Spend Time with You

by Mitch from Orange County

I can't count how many times I've met girls in various situations and been led through the conversation to ask them, "So, what are you doing tonight?"

This is not an easy question to ask because the responses are so unpredictable. Your response however, does not have to be unpredictable.

Unless the situation totally does not warrant these words, your immediate response to whatever she says should be:

"That's too bad, cuz I'm gonna be doing ______."

Follow this up with an invitation... "How'd you like to come with me?" and another shot at her proposed plans... "I guarantee you'll have a much better time with me."

At this point you can dress up your plans a bit if you think it'll help the sale. But the important thing is to act like you can't believe she'd actually pass up your plans to go do whatever else she had planned.

This is not fail-proof, but does help you steal business from your competitors (movie theatres, ex-bfs, lame kickbacks at some guy's house, etc) by creating interest.

It is the confidence you exude when telling her just how much her original plans suck that make the woman start to think that maybe you might be right... maybe she would have a better time with this guy whose mind is so obviously set on ensuring she has a good time tonight.

Women dread being bored; most need constant entertainment, but rarely find it. This is why you can easily close in and make her change her mind. Without an interest binding it, her mind was never really set in the first place.