Never Talk About Attracting Women with Women

by Allen Thompson

If you've been studying here at SoSuave, you've learned a lot of techniques to help you in attracting women. Never tell a woman "what" you're doing or "why" you're doing it. You want her to think that you're "naturally charismatic."

For example:

  • Don't tell a woman that she must like you since she's looking into your eyes.
  • Don't tell her that you never call the next day because it'll make you look desperate.
  • Don't tell her that you're a confident man, and that women like confident men.
  • Don't ask her why she keeps touching you. Or ask her why she was touching that other guy.
  • Don't tell her that women loved to be listened to and have their thoughts paraphrased back to them.
  • Don't tell her that physiological arousal can increase attraction between two people.
  • Etc.

When you talk about the "process" it loses its magic. The woman will become self-conscious, and you will come across as "scheming" rather than charming.

Allen Thompson
Copyright © 2000