Pickup Tips From a Manhattan Bartender

by Michael Arnold

Having been a bartender in quite a few places in Manhattan, I have been able to observe human behavior... things that no major in psych could have taught me.

Many men want to know how to approach that fickle babe... without her making you look like some asshole in front of your friends or hers.

Relax! A few tips are coming your way...

1) Eye Contact. Yea, It Works.

If she glances back a second time, walk up and chat to her.

Women love attention from men that they have an interest in. Forget the witty, bullshit lines. Most can't pull them off. If you could you would be on the stage.

Be yourself, smile, kindness works, have a lively chat. Don't hang around too long. But most of all she calls the shots. Wait until you get a few of those glances. Don't try to impress her with your big job, wonderful vacations, or stories about your ex playboy bunny girlfriend.

Women are for the most part looking for that guy that is nice and one day can introduce to their friends and mom. They do not want to embarrass themselves by hanging out with a social misfit.

2) Smile, Smile, Smile.

Have I made a point?

This truly turns them on!

I was in a hip bar in this town one night with a lady friend. I had my back to the bar... about ten feet from the bar. My company said to me, "Check this out; this girl at the bar has four guys hanging all over her."

Yea, she was pretty. But this friend wondered how did she land all these fish.

She had the most beautiful smile!

I looked at her, our eyes met and I smiled. She walked away from her pack over to me to chat. What a great chick. Of course this caused huge problems for me but who cares. She was great!

So use the smile, it makes you feel good and is a great statement!!

Happy nights...

Michael Arnold