Getting Over Your Fear of Rejection

by Reddog_x

Confidence is the cornerstone of success with women. Here are a couple of tricks I've picked up.

The first thing is to correctly identify your target.

Many guys want to feel confident that the women they approach will say "yes" to a date, a hookup, or whatever. That's not what you want to feel confident about. Any number of factors could factor into a woman's decision to date or not date you. Many of them have nothing to do with you.

So, what you want is to feel confident that you can handle her answer, whatever it might be.

Sure, a rejection might sting for a little while. But, you'll survive. You always have. Besides, most women (post Jr. High) are not looking for opportunities to be cruel or humiliate you. In fact, most will want to let you down as easily as possible.

Now, here's where the rubber meets the road. In order to really KNOW that you can survive rejection, you've got to experience it. It's not a pleasant prospect. But, it's necessary. So, do one of the following exercises.

1. Identify a woman that you're afraid to ask out. This should be someone whose rejection would hurt TOO MUCH to risk.

Ask her out. If she accepts, great. If not, congratulations, you just survived the worst rejection you'll ever have to deal with. It only gets easier from here. This one worked for me.

2. Go out looking for rejection.

Go to a public place. Strike up conversations with several women that you're at least moderately attracted to. Ask for phone #'s, dates etc. Don't stop until 10 women have told you "no."

By the time you're done, you should have learned that being rejected doesn't hurt all that much. And, you may have picked up a phone number or two.