Keep the Woman Wanting More; Create a Challenge: The True Mark of a Diamond Player

by Alan

Have you ever experienced meeting a good looking girl at a club, drinking and dancing with her all night, and toward the end of the night she is tired of you? That is because she does not see you as a challenge; it may be because you gave her the impression that you want her, or it may be because you did not cut off your supply - or both, which is often the case. I would like to focus on the latter of the two: cutting your supply off.

It is necessary to be charming, and convey to the girl that you don't need her or are not interested in her (even though you are interested). But the true mark of a diamond player that will elicit a positive response from her is developing the art of "cutting your supply off." Most guys can learn to be charming and pretend that they are not interested in a woman, but they miss the key component that makes the woman want to be with them: cutting the supply off.

If you take a drug, you are on an exciting high, but when that supply is cut short, you want more: your demand for the drug goes up. Similarly, when you convey the image of a good-time guy, adventurous, exciting, and then you cut your supply off from the woman, her demand for you goes up!

Cutting your supply occurs in different contexts so it is important to recognize your situation. First, you may be at a nightclub and meet a sexy woman who you share drinks with and dance with throughout the night. You show her that you are an exciting, good-time guy (charming), and you give her the impression that you don't need her, or that you are not interested in taking her home for the night (confidence).

But the last thing that most guys think about is leaving the girl when things are going great. This is where the diamond player stands out from most guys; but the average guy would stay with her till bar time. And consequently, most of the time, this gives the girl a chance to get tired of him.

And at bar time, it gives her the pleasure of saying, "Well, it was nice meeting you, but I am going to go home with my friends."

I challenge you men out there the next time you are having a great time with a pretty girl at a night club and it's about one or two hours before bar time, say to her, "Hey, I'm going to take off after this beer." When you cut your supply off in this manner, I guarantee you that she will see you as a challenge, and thus her demand for you will skyrocket. However, if for some reason she does not have a positive response, that is, if she does not care whether you stay or go, then staying with her until bar time is not going to magically increase her interest level for you; and, at least, you saved yourself an hour or two.

But, for example, I was having a good time with a very pretty girl at a club, who I thought would not be too interested in me; about an hour in a half before bar time I told her that I was leaving after my beer, and to my surprise she literally begged me to stay longer. But, I stuck to my principle and I left; I swear the very next morning she called me and wanted to do lunch. When you do this, you stand out from most guys because women assume that you are going to stay with them until bar time and that you have expectations. So, this bursts their bubble, and all of a sudden you are in control and they see you as a challenge!

This principle can be carried over to other contexts such as phone calls. Again, cut your supply off; that is, spend the least amount of time on the phone and be the first to say goodbye and give the impression that you have other exciting things to do. Trust me, the demand for you will go up! Also, this principle works not only with girls at clubs, but with girlfriends. Cut many of your dates short. Be late for the date, never wait, and leave early.

In short, frequent dosages of "cutting your supply short" will create the demand for you and create a challenge for a woman to want you more. Remember though that when you do cut your supply off, give her the impression that you have other exciting things to do. Don't do this with a cold attitude, but with a good-time-guy attitude. Charming, Confidence, and Cutting your supply off creates the challenge in a woman to continually want to be with you. (For further reading, see F.J. Shark's book "How to be the Jerk that Women Love.")