The Art of Flattery

by Willy

I heard a saying when I was in my early twenties that said:

A Man falls in love through his eyes.
A Woman falls in love through her ears.

Upon hearing that I started giving small compliments to different women that I worked with. Most of the reactions were a big smile, a look of surprise, and a blush.

I noticed that these ladies really warmed up to me the next time they saw me. As time went on and I became more confident, I started with the really Beautiful women. You know, the kind that turn all the guys' heads, and the other women hate.

At first I just flat out told them they were pretty. I got a reaction like I just told them a tired old joke. I wondered what I did wrong. Then one day I stumbled upon a technique that worked for me.

I went to tell this secretary about a repair that was going to be late and I said, "Terry?" (yes) "I just wanted to let you know,,,,,,,,,,,,, How beautiful you are!" I wasn't even planning on giving a compliment till I paused. This completely caught her off guard, but she lit up with a big smile and looked at me like I was Tom Cruise.

Since then I noticed that the best compliments are given off guard, when these women least expect it. And after 20 years of talking to different women, learning what most of them like to hear, along with some trial and error, I'm willing to share some of the "Dos" and "Don'ts" on The Art of Flattery

- DO give sincere compliments.
- DO compliment above the neckline. (This includes her mind.)
- DO surprise her with warm compliments.
- DO tell her she's lost weight even if she hasn't.
- DO watch for positive reactions. (Her eyes widen, she smiles,  she gives a big THANK YOU!)
- DON'T overdo it. Compliment every now and then.
- DON'T just compliment her looks, especially if she's beautiful.  Tell her how smart she is.

These are just some basics that have worked very well for me. I am not a good-looking guy and I don't have to beat the ladies off with a stick. But I have had some beautiful women flirt with me after some flattering comments. Just be patient because there are ways to make a beautiful woman feel good about herself, and in turn she will feel good about you.