How to Act on the First Date

by Chris

Some of the most important things to do on the first date are:

- treating the girl you are dating with respect
- playing hard to get
- not buying red roses or stuff like that
- not dating at weekends or/and at nights
- not choosing a place for the date which is too romantic

These are some of the most important things to do on a first date. There is one rule which summarizes all these things from the above:

"Act as if you were dating a man!"

Let me explain what I mean. Before you say or do anything while you are on a date, ask yourself the question:

"Would I say (or do) this if I was dating a guy?"

Here's an example:

You're dating a girl you are crazy about and now you are wondering how to show her your interest. But what about playing hard to get? Ask yourself now: "Would I say 'I love you' if I was dating a guy?" OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!! :-) So don't say it on the first date!!

Another example:

You want to go out with a girl and you are wondering where to go and what to do. Ask yourself: "Would I go to a romantic candle light dinner with a guy?" Well I think you know the answer. ;-)

If you respect this rule then you can do nothing wrong, cause you will automatically be playing hard to get and acting like that (not buying roses and so on). And even later on this rule works. Ask yourself after the first date: "Would I call a guy every night???" NO!!

So you see this rule will protect you from one of the biggest mistakes in dating and relationships:

Coming on too strong OR not playing hard to get.