Why You Must Keep the Phone Calls with Women Short

by Allen Thompson

When you first start dating a girl or getting to know her, don't hang on the phone talking with her for hours at a time. If you do, you'll be indirectly communicating to her that you have nothing else better to do. That you're boring, sedentary, and don't have much of a life.

Yes, you may enjoy the conversations with her and getting to know her better. And she may seem to enjoy them as well. But you'll be doing much more damage to your budding relationship than good. Subconsciously, she'll be classifying you as a NO-LIFER.

Remember, this girl is looking for someone who will make her life more interesting. It's better to be perceived as someone who is busy, who does things, who has an interesting and exciting life. Ten minutes on the phone may be okay. Twenty is really pushing it.

And remember, when she calls and asks you what you're doing... never say "nothing".

Always be doing something interesting, or just getting back from doing something interesting, or getting ready to go do something interesting "in a few minutes".

Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to talk with her later on, about anything you want, for as long as you want... if you play your cards right early on.

So remember: peak her curiosity about you, make a date to see her, then hang up the phone.

Allen Thompson
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