Use Mirroring to Build Rapport with Girls

by REd-xL

If you're finding it hard to build good rapport with girls, there's a technique that can really help you.

It's called mirroring.

To mirror a girl, you need to adjust your personality to fit hers. This means that you need to adjust how much you talk and the patience you need to match her.

Body language is also an essential aspect of mirroring. Study her style. Mimic her movements subtly, and never exaggerate. Like if she touches her chin, casually act like you're stroking your chin and rest it there.

Other aspects to mirror:

  • facial expressions
  • eye contact
  • blinking
  • breathing

It's essential to mirror breathing for a very important reason. When she's talking to you, hang on every word she says and emulate your body language as if you were talking. This is really important because when she hesitates, jump in and finish her sentence. This is really a hit or miss, but it's really easy to laugh it off as a joke if you said the completely wrong thing.

Another essential tip: take what she says and spit it back at her in your own words. Just remember: it's got to sound as casual as she said it. To help make the point stronger, use the same key words she used and mimic the same facial gestures when you reiterate it.

I mirror all the time, and I touch some girls so much that I can readily see their pupils dilating.