Meet Women with Cookies

by Brian Ochsner

I was going through a Barnes & Noble a couple of nights ago with a plate of cookies that a couple of elementary school moms let me have. Being a single guy who doesn't cook very well, I readily accepted.

Walking thru the bookstore, however, I was stopped by a girl who LOVED chocolate-chip cookies! She asked if she could have one, and of course I let her have one.

So by accident I stumbled upon a great way to meet women.

Guys out there may have to use some creativity and judgment about where/when to have food available, but if you're walking around with something chocolatey, you probably can't go too far wrong.

Hope this helps!

Brian Ochsner


A Little Change Every So Often

by Anon

Something that I've found that works with girls is changing my appearance, just slightly, every so often.

For example, I require corrective lenses, and normally I wear contacts. One day though, I had a rip in a contact, so I went with the glasses. I had never worn them out before for anything but running errands, so most of the girls I know hadn't seen me with them.

I don't look that much different or better with them, but they got quite a reaction. So every now and then, I throw the glasses into the mix just for a change.

Little things like that, or a little change in your hair or anything, keeps 'em on their toes.