One of the Most Powerful Seduction Tools

by Anon

I think one of the most important factors when seducing any woman is HUMOR. It is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful tools that any man can use when chasing the woman of his dreams.

It injects levity into any tense situation and also gives a man courage when communicating with his 'squeeze.' I'm not talking about the sad, macho, chauvinistic humor which a lot of women find a turn-off, but the kind of humor which is off-the-cuff and innate to YOU. It doesn't have to have the cleverness of GROUCHO MARX or the high rate of seemingly casual one-liners of CHEERS.

What humor does when used properly is two-fold: firstly, it helps to break down barriers between individuals, namely men and women. How many times can you recall when you became fast friends with a guy when he made you laugh? All through your life I'm sure! A funny man with a good sense of humor is always more attractive than a creep who's always too intense with the object of his affections.

Secondly, your sense of humor is a measure of your INTELLIGENCE. It's a well-known fact that some of the funniest comedians and gag-writers have high IQs. A lot of them went to college and got degrees before going into the entertainment business. Now I'm not saying that to be funny you have to have first class honors in Medicine, or any great education. But by using humor correctly, this shows a woman far more about yourself as well as giving her a positive view of your personality. If your pursuit of her fails, in my view her memory of you will be far more positive. Rather than her thinking 'what a loser you are!', she's more likely to think: 'that guy, what a laugh he was!' Hence when she meets you again, she'll warm to you rather than run from you!

So, guys, develop your sense of humor. Go and watch funny movies. Go and see stand up comedians and observe their manner and wit. There is nothing more seductive and sexy than a man with a sense of humor!