An Aphrodisiac That Can Help You Have More Success with Women

by Allen Thompson

Did you know that chocolate is a mild aphrodisiac?

Cocoa contains phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA is an endorphin that is naturally excreted into the the bloodstream when a person experiences the sensation of "being in love."

When you are around a girl that you are "in love" with or infatuated with, your physiological state changes. Your heart rate quickens, your blood pressure rises, your skin flushes, you feel nervous, you begin to perspire, etc. I'm sure you know the state.

Your brain is actually producing and excreting extra PEA. The same thing happens to her when she is in love. Thus, anything you can do to increase her PEA levels would be to your advantage.

Maybe there's something to that old custom of arriving at your date's door with a box of chocolates.

Think about it. When she's eating the candy (probably after the date) she's naturally going to be thinking about you... since you gave it to her. Her PEA levels will increase and she'll experience a "mild" sensation of love. Thus, she'll be pairing these mild sensations of love with thoughts of you. (Remember Pavlov's dogs - Psych 101?)

Could this be why candy is such a popular Valentine's Day gift?

Try to work some chocolate into your dates.

After dinner be sure to ask her if she'd like some dessert. Maybe she'll order something chocolatey. If you're driving around town with her, maybe it's not even a date, ask if she'd like to stop at an ice cream shop. ("I hear the chocolate here is absolutely mahvelous.") Shopping at the mall? Tons of places sell candy, yogurt, ice cream, donuts, etc.

Of course, if she doesn't like chocolate then this tip is useless. But women who don't love chocolate are pretty rare.

Allen Thompson
Copyright © 1999