How to Be So Hot You Smoke

by Kungfu Wise

OK I am sending a tip on how to get initially noticed if you're extremely shy. But be warned, you will get more then one person surrounding you if you do it right, and do it in a room that will allow you to see smoke. It is a magic trick that is inexpensive and can be done virtually for free.

Ok find a matchbook or match box. Now take the striking strip and cut it out. Soak it over night in water. Next day let it dry out. Burn the strip. Now there will be a brown sticky substance. That's what to use, not the black ash. Now place the brown substance on your hands. Find a crowd of ladies and rub your hands like you're cold. Your hands will be smoking. This is great not just for girls, but a great way to meet people in general.

*tip* burn the strip on a spoon that way the substance is easily caught.

*tip* remove ashed strip immediately or most of substance will burn away.

*tip* this stuff smells, so if you can, be near the washrooms so you can wash your hands quickly.

*tip* you can freeze this stuff on a spoon, and put it on 5-10 minutes before you use it.

It really is a good icebreaker. I've already met 10 different girls doing this trick.

Kungfu Wise