How to Be a Master Fisherman

by Mamo

I have a buddy of mine that is a professional bass fisherman. He tours the country doing tournaments and that is how he makes his living. One day I asked him how he catches so many fish. He gave me 6 tips to land some great catches.

1. Go where the fish are.

You may say, well duh! But as simple as it is, if you don't go where the fish are you aren't gonna catch any. So if you want to catch a good looking broad, you gotta go where they are!

2. Understand how the fish act.

He has been fishing his whole life so he knows what fish do at certain temperatures and depths throughout the year. Find out how she acts in certain situations, what she likes etc. and plot your strategy. If you don't know how they act, then you are just casting blindly into the water hoping that maybe you will catch one!

3. Put your hook in the water.

This sounds pretty simple also, but you gotta put your hook in the water to catch fish. You have to approach women and talk to them or you won't get any! Simple, yet so hard for most.

4. Use a variation of techniques.

My buddy said that he could use over 50 different lures and techniques at one time. He has about 8 rods with different lures on them at the front of the boat so that he can switch his approach quickly if one isn't working. It's true with women that one technique might work with one woman and a totally different one works on the next. You just have to be flexible and find the one that works!

5. Have patience.

When I'm fishing with John, sometimes it will take him 10 to 20 casts in one spot with several different lures to catch a nice bass. One reason he is so successful at fishing is his patience. You must be patient when you are approaching women. Nobody lands a 10 on their first try. Keep at it you can do it!

6. Expect to catch fish.

You think my friend goes out and doesn't expect to catch fish? He has confidence in his abilities and he KNOWS he will catch fish. He is always prepared for success. You MUST be the same way with women.

Here's a little story, I hope you can get something out of it.

There was once a place that guys came every week to discuss fishing. They had experts that knew all there was to know about fishing to help the less experienced fishermen. They invested so much time in their little fishing society, yet they never actually fished. They had all the knowledge they needed to be the best they could be, but they never ever fished. Then one day a man came to the society, he was the master fisherman. He knew where all the fish were. He was the savior! He had scars on his hands from fishing so much. The members of the society were in *aww*. And before the master left, he left them with one thought.

"If you never fish, how can you ever call yourselves fishermen."

See you guys around, good luck!