How to Think Clearly In a Relationship

by Peak

We can all become confused with our relationship problems. It's our challenge, so it freaks us out if things aren't going smoothly.

So here is my advice: If you are in the midst of a difficult situation, especially with a hot woman, then I think you should just...

Wait a few days!

  • Had a fight with your girlfriend? Are you going to dump her? Before you make up your mind... then wait a few days.
  • Had a date that you thought went bad and you are down on yourself for really screwing up... then wait a few days and see.
  • Feel like punching a guys lights out for hitting on your woman?... then wait a few days before you react.
  • Get rejected by all 10 women you approached at a night club... then wait a few days before you review your approach techniques.

My experiences have shown that the objective truth of many situations emerges a few days after the event.

When we are able to see the truth unclouded by our emotions, then our reactions are more appropriate to the situation.

So if you are feeling CONFUSED, ANGRY, or SAD about an incident, take it easy, relax, totally chill and wait a few days to see how things turn out.

I've found it helps and keeps me sane!