Relax and Have Fun

by Nevar6

If there's one thing I've learned in how to approach women for the first time, it's to just relax and have fun with it. So many men worry and stress about what to say to a woman, that they often don't even talk to women because of their own fears.

As with all things in life, some things will go your way and some won't. When you approach a woman you're attracted to and start talking to her, all you can control in the situation is how you act, and you can never control how she will act.

If you start talking to a woman and she ignores you and it seems like she doesn't even know you're there, oh well, move on! There will be other times you start talking to a woman, and you can't get her to shut up, and you'll end up with a phone number and an excellent opportunity to see her again!

So remember, sometimes you'll get the results you want, and other times you won't. The guy who gets the most phone numbers is the guy who's had the most rejection. So when things don't go your way, hold your head up high. The woman of your dreams is right around the corner!

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