Why Women Love Guys Who Keep Them Confused

SuperM posts:

I got this one female interested in me and I don't even know how I did it.

Until I thought about it...

She is very touchy feely, very friendly, and she appears to be very comfortable talking to me.

I touch her a lot. And she has responded well and gotten more comfortable with touching.

I think that what has made her interest in me grow the last couple of weeks is that I'll pay attention to her one day, and the next time I'll be distracted and not even aware she exists. I'll act COMPLETELY different.

With her, my behavior is very inconsistent. And, this confuses her.

I caught her talking to one of her friends about me, and she was saying something about her confusion.

I guess most of you are aware that this is an effective trick -- paying a lot of attention to a woman, and then not paying her any attention at all.

I've seen it work in real life now, so I'm going to start doing this with more women.

BigBadJon replies:

You are playing to her insecurities, fulfilling her need for drama, and to an extent raising her curiosity.

Every woman has insecurities, and when you aren't focusing all of your attention on her you are using those insecurities to your advantage. You are making her wonder what in the hell could possibly be the reason you aren't giving her attention.

Is it her new hairstyle? Is it because she's gained 3 pounds? Is it something she said? All these things are going thru her head when you break your pattern with her.

Also, give a girl something to gossip about with her friends (like, why isn't he paying any attention to me?), and you fulfill her need to have drama in her life. They ALL want to live a soap opera life.

Show any girl a good amount of attention, then take it away.

I'll guarantee she will take the initiative to find out why.

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