Physical Confidence

by Anonymous

Just a little tip for you guys out there looking for a quick way to ante up on the confidence meter. You want to look more confident, eh?

Throw your shoulders back.

A lot of guys have figured this out. Hold your shoulders back, straighten your back up, when you're walking, standing, sitting, approaching, laughing.... Holding your shoulders back amplifies your chest and shoulders (both of which, almost unanimously, women prefer).

It takes a little practice so it doesn't look forced, but once it becomes natural you *will* appear to take up that much more space, you *will* be that much closer, you will be that much more *confident*. Because when you look confident, you feel confident, which makes you look even more confident, which makes you feel more confident, which starts a vicious circle of confidence. It will not be the one catch-all that will win her over, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, right?