What If a Woman Is Not Interested In You?

by Noel

I place women that I'm attracted to into two basic groups:

1) those that like me from the get go

2) those that don't.

For those in the first group, simply pick up on their buying signals and give them big doses of being yourself.

Unless you have anti-seductive behaviors or characteristics, you should succeed easily with this first group.

Of course, find out what anti-seductive behaviors and characteristics you have and expunge them from your character. Always optimize your physical and mental presentation.

She's Not Interested

Women in the second group are much more challenging; and thus much more interesting, but potentially much more frustrating and dangerous.

This is a group for which you'd best develop a thick skin.

Thus, I engage these girls hoping for the best, but knowing the success rate will be much less than with the first group.

Remember that you cannot seduce everybody and you're not the only player out there.

Nonetheless, my approach is to engage these ladies and try to "get into their heads," all while showing absolutely no romantic interest until their romantic interest level raises and they begin giving me buying signals first.

Basically, you have to get them liking you.

How to Get Her Liking You

Become an attractor, not an aggressor.

Hit them with confidence, charm, and indirect flattery, all while being mildly cocky, teasing, and funny.

Being funny is critical; it shows that you are fun, have interpersonal skills, and are intelligent.

Basically, make them feel good, especially about themselves.

Become an Object of Desire

You become an object of desire in their eyes by having some status, enveloping yourself with a fun-loving somewhat rakish reputation, and being seen with other women... the more beautiful the better.

Doing something "excellent" in their presence is also very helpful, such as demonstrating great problem solving abilities, having some unusual skill (e.g., being a pilot), etc.

If you show romantic interest too soon, you'll blow it. Wait for them to come to you.

These seductions could take months or years, because there may be a boyfriend or husband in the background.

If She's a Real Beauty

For the real beauties (who are almost always spoiled and self absorbed), you may have to bring them off their high horses and level the playing field.

Identify some of their insecurities and subtly let them know you are aware of them.

But, don't be too critical or sarcastic, or you will appear mean or harsh.

You just need to let them know you are their equal by letting them know you see (and are willing to tolerate) their weaknesses.

Don't act inferior in any way.

Finally, for ladies in this second category, surround your heart with titanium until they say "I love you" first.

If your interest level gets too high too fast, they'll sense it, and you're dead meat.

Remember that your worst enemy in this game is your own high interest level.