When Her Friends Become a Problem

Misery Loves Company and Her Friends May Try to Ruin Your Relationship

by Deagleclaw

If you've been seeing a girl for a few weeks and things are going well, take a look at her friends.

If they pretty much all have boyfriends, Great!

If they're pretty much all single, WATCH OUT.

Misery Loves Company!

And there's no better example than women and their friends.

Whether they admit it or not, no woman likes to be single alone, and they sabotage each other by trying to slip in seeds of doubt.

This is one of the reasons why ALL married women try to hook up all their single friends by playing matchmaker. Cuz they know their friends will try to make her miserable along with them.

Pro Tip: Set her single friends up with your single buddies.

SoSuave Note: Inoculate your girl by saying: "You know your friends are going to try to break us up."

By planting this little seed in the head of your girl, she will become impervious to the manipulations of her friends.

If they try to put you down or cast doubt upon your new relationship, she will see and understand.

And it will make her like you even more.