When Not to Kiss a Girl

Don't Make This Huge Mistake When Going In For That First Kiss

by DJ Rook

I was talking with two of my good friends (both very attractive women) the other day, and we were discussing different things girls talk about that guys don't know about.

One of those was The Pity Kiss.

This occurs when some fool of a guy tries to kiss a girl, and the girl doesn't want to. But the guy persists with lines like:

"Oooh I was so rejected. I can't believe it."

"Come on, you've got to be kidding me. This has never happened before."

On and on, until finally the girl caves and gives the guy a kiss.

The guy thinks he's won...

When in reality he's dug his own grave.

Women talk about who they give these kisses to, and how lame the guy was.

Don't be this type of guy!

A real Don Juan never ever kisses until the moment is right.

I like to think kissing is very similar to hunting. You must strike at the right time when the target is oblivious and the conditions are correct. Patience is crucial. If you go firing at your target without a clear and precise angle, you'll scare it off.

Even if the timing is right and you don't take a shot, no loss has occurred, because the target will hang around. And if you're patient, you'll get your next opportunity.

The girl will wonder:

"Why didn't he try to kiss me?"

You are still a challenge, and you are still in control. Play smart, with patience, and you will surely succeed.

Any sudden movements however, and your target has already moved into someone else's hunting grounds.