When to Ignore a Woman

How to Maintain Control When Dealing With Sexually Aggressive Women

by Jamin

In the past, not having a lot of strength with approaching or wooing women, I have often resorted to waiting around for women to woo me.

This has resulted in a great number of unfortunate consequences...

First of all, in my experiences, almost all of the women that have "thrown" themselves at me were the wrong women, for reasons I won't go into.

Secondly, when a woman makes an advance at me, I tend to overreact to this situation, which leaves me vulnerable to teasing, toying around with me, or just flat leading me on.

Both of these are very undesired circumstances.

It Got So Bad

It had gotten so bad that I had become uncomfortable with women touching me. This is because I had learned, from experience, not to trust the touch of a woman.

Why? Because I would overreact to this simple gesture, and in one way or another, I would end up disappointed.

Most of the time, however, a woman's touch is genuine. It was my perception, and my desperation, that warped it.

Here Is What I Do Now

I ignore it.

I do not so much directly ignore female advances, as much as I act as if it is an everyday, very common experience.

It means very little to me.

Without going into depth about the female psyche, I think it's easy to believe that a lot of women find this intriguing and want to pay more attention to me. This is, of course, a good thing.

The more attractive a woman, the more likely she is to be intrigued by this gesture.

Think about it. This woman is used to her touch or her advances commanding the attention of men, but you seem unfazed by it. She immediately wants to know why.

You Are In Control

Now, not only do you have her attention, but you are in control of the situation.

You are not vulnerable to her games. She is the one that is vulnerable, because you have shown her your strength.

The more obvious the advance, the more that you should ignore it.

Simple touches and casual flirting shouldn't be ignored, but should be treated as ordinary and perhaps even a little mundane.

If you keep behaving this way, eventually it will be mundane because it will be an everyday experience.

You Must Be the Aggressor

When a woman really starts laying it on thick, it's time for you to kick it into high gear.

If she grabs your butt, makes obvious passes at you, or anything of the like — do not succumb to her aggressive advances.

Deep down inside, almost every woman wants you to be the aggressor, and she will respect you for it.

If she doesn't, then she was probably the wrong woman, and there are plenty more women out there.

Some women are born predators, and they want a man to succumb to their will. While this may sound like a good time, in the end, most likely you will regret it.

Women like this can tear your confidence apart, and you could spend a long time (I've been there) waiting for another one to come around.

Trust me, get into the driver's seat and decide you own fate. Do not fall for the cunning of women, and they will end up falling for you...

Pay Attention

I am not by any means saying you should ignore everything a woman does.

Never ignore the subtle hints women drop, and you should always drop subtle hints yourself. And you should wait for your opportunity to move in.

Follow all of those other great suggestions you've been reading, and you will achieve success.

But if a woman ever asks you, "Would you like to sleep with me?"

Your answer should never be, "Boy, would I!"

You are telling her that you are weak, not in control, and possibly even easily manipulated. You do not want her to think these things.

Instead, something smooth like, "Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to dance?" is almost guaranteed to throw her off guard.

Women love the unexpected, and, like us, they love a challenge.

Never give it to them so easily, or you might be the one getting taken.