Why Ignoring a Girl Makes Her Want You

Be Different From Other Guys

by ccdeville

When I was 19 my mother used to baby-sit this cute little 5 year old girl we nicknamed Muffin.

Now of course everyone loves little girls and everyone is always telling them how cute they are, pinching their cheeks, and showering all kinds of attention on them. It was no different for little Muffin.

Myself, not being so impressed with young children, I used to come home, interact with my family, eat dinner, and eventually go to my room hardly acknowledging Muffin's presence.

And when I did speak to Muffin, I spoke to her as if she were an adult...

Not making little baby sounds and pinching her cheeks like everyone else did.

My New Shadow

Amazingly, she would follow me all over the house just to see what I was doing.

She would ask me all kinds of questions in her own childish way and wanted to spend time with me, even though everyone else was paying her the attention.

One day after being annoyed at Muffin constantly trying to be my shadow, I asked my mother why this little girl wouldn't leave me alone.

And mom answered...

"It's because everyone else showers her with attention and you ignore her."

Women Don't Change Much

The point is that women don't change much.

By the time a girl grows up she's already accustomed to being the center of attention. She expects it, especially from men.

And as with anything, when you expect it, you usually take it for granted.

As a Don Juan you have to break the pattern that she expects.

When you talk to her, talk as if you would to anyone else, almost as if to say, "I get along with everyone." Don't call her every day and shower attention upon her right away.

Force her to come to you by not doing what every other poor sap has already done.

You will stand out. You will be different.

And she will be intrigued.

SoSuave Note: In general, the more attractive the girl is, the better ignoring her or treating her like she's just another girl will work.

Because she's not used to it.

Remember, most guys are ignored. They blend in. They are average.

You can be different from other guys. You can stand out. You can get noticed. You can have girls following you around all over the place.

IF you do things the RIGHT way.