Why Texting a Woman Too Much Is Bad

What king, what warrior wastes his time playing with a high school girl's toy.

by Atom Smasher

Of course some texting is necessary, for setting times and other practical issues, but the more you do it, the more common you become in her eyes.

How can you remain mysterious (an absolute requisite when it comes to dealing with women) when you're available for chit-chat just like her girlfriends are?

You need to appear ABOVE common texting.

You're a man. You don't have time to play with a high school girls' toy.

Make no mistake about it, texting makes you common and robs you of your mysteriousness. It is well worth repeating.

The dangers of texting are many, unless you really know what you are doing.

Texting leaves you wide-open to misinterpretation. She will interpret your words according to HER semantics, HER definitions of words and phrases, and HER experiences.

And guess what, guys...

Her template of interpretation consists of a culling together of the massive text conversations she has with her girlfriends.

The very fact that you're chit-chatting with her makes you one of her girlfriends.

The more words you spew, the more COMMON and boring you become.

The more you spew, the more misinterpretation that occurs; the more available and predictable you appear to be.

Texting is a torrential bleeding of your power and influence with her. It is literally a hemorrhage.

Every word that you text should emanate from a sense of intent and purpose.

Words should be used sparingly, and every one should be a soldier that has been dispatched out with a specific purpose in mind.

Chit-chat will kill you.

I also always say that for a man, texting should be like sniping. Every shot must be well-aimed, and the trigger pulled with a specific intent in mind.

I broke my own rules on this just last week. I sent out an uncharacteristically long message to a woman, and she answered with a smiley face. DOH!!

Do you guys see why this was a severe error?

The one who uses the fewest words is ALWAYS the one with the most power.

Fortunately I recovered by disappearing for an inordinately long amount of time. I wouldn't have had to clean up the mess if I hadn't spilled my guts like an excited schoolgirl.

Let your takeaway at least be that texting is a potentially dangerous activity that can be used effectively in skilled hands but is very likely to backfire on you. Once it leaves your phone it is subject to her (often wildly wrong) interpretation and it makes you common. It causes a massive hemorrhage of your power base and her perception of your value. The more you do it, the more you appear like her common, boring girlfriends.

You're a man. You're above texting.

It should appear as a necessary evil, something you reluctantly do in order to take care of practical things like scheduling meetups.

What King, what Warrior has time to tap little tiny keys to tell a women how awesome he thinks she is?

Are not your hands engaged in operating your weaponry?

Is not your mind engaged in slaying dragons and winning wars?

That is the picture of you she needs to imagine.

Not you sitting cross-legged on the floor like a little girl typing your witticisms into this tiny little phone and hoping against hope that you monkey-danced just right for her with this particular text.

Put that thing away and take up arms.

SoSuave Note: Some guys are very good at texting women and know just what to say.

But most of you reading this are probably NOT.

So you either need to learn how to text a woman the right way...

Or you need to stop doing it so much.