Why You Need to Start Taking Action with Women

The Secret to Success with Women, and the Secret to Success In Life

by Jason Rhone

Signing up for this newsletter was one of the best things I've ever done.

It has helped me not just in pursuit of women but in other areas of my life because to attract women, you've got to improve yourself.

When I first joined I was appalled to learn just how stupid I was. The only thing that made it alright was that I wasn't the only one. Most, if not all of you guys were the same way.

I've changed, thanks to the wonderful, creative, advice that shows up in my inbox.

I've learned that you must, as the Kama Sutra says, transform yourself from moment to moment.

I've a friend who even though I've turned him on to the newsletter, would rather bitch and moan about having no women because he's too lazy to do the work, despite seeing my success.

So that's my tip.

Don't just read the tips.

Take action!