Women Always Want What They Can't Have

Wrap your brain around this idea, and you'll be way ahead of most guys out there

by Brother Alex

A good friend of mine had a brother who was 17 and he was NUTS over this one girl.

In one year, he had asked her out 8 times. Each time she said NO, and he kept coming back for more.

She knew him in a group, they were good FRIENDS, and because he was so persistent he would BUMP INTO her loads. They got on well but there was nothing from her to him.

I sat him down, and despite not knowing much, explained THE GAME.

This is what I told him:

Women only want what they can't get.

You need to start ignoring her.

Be around her, in her presence, but don't give her any special attention whatsoever.

Don't be rude, but just let her know that there are things to do besides hang around her.

At parties, for example, walk up, grinning like an idiot, have an excellent and humorous conversation for one minute (instead of the 30 mins she's used to) and then bounce off and have fun with your friends (ideally where she can see you).

If she's with a few friends, make a point of walking up to them and having a great conversation with her best friend, not her, like she's used to, and then walk away. You are social, you talk to everyone.

Soon she starts missing the chats you had, but when she comes to find you, talk for a minute, really bouncy, really pleasant, and then tell her you need to go and find someone. But be SOOOO polite when you do. No rudeness."

Anyway, I talked to him for 10 minutes.

I found out a month later that she started following him, and saying that they didn't spend enough time together anymore. He casually asked her out and she accepted.

Incidentally, this average frustrated chump dumped her for a hotter girl 2 months later.

Now that's a happy ending.

SoSuave Note: This particular tactic just might pique the interest of a girl who's been ignoring you for quite a while.

So before you give up on her completely, give it a try.

Very few guys understand the power of INDIFFERENCE and how to use it to get a girl chasing after you.

It may not make logical sense, but if you can wrap your brain around this idea, you'll be way ahead of most guys out there.