Women Really Love My Handcuffs

How to Stimulate a Woman's Imagination and Get Her Thinking About You

by Jordache

This is a simple decorating touch that, as a fluke, has worked wonders.

I leave a pair of handcuffs hanging subtly under my desk. They are out of the way, but immediately visible from any seat in the room.

They were originally a prop for a production I was working on, and I left them there. It was not until later that I realized many of the women I had over at parties, in groups, etc., were intensely curious later about my "fetish."

I'm pretty junior as a Don Juan, but I think I see three things happening when they notice the cuffs:

  1. they infer a fetish
  2. they imagine you performing the fetish (possibly on them)
  3. they attribute an element of dominance to your character

As a bonus, they serve as a great catalyst for sex talk.

Last night, a real beauty was practically begging me to talk about it. I refused, so now she is coming over to find out about it in person.

Variations on handcuffs should work just as well, but I recommend a subtle touch. I believe the real power here is in the mystery.

If your prop is not obviously positioned to attract attention, but is still visible somewhere "forgotten" or "convenient" for your personal use, your guests may feel it is inappropriate to mention it right away.

And they will leave the premises wondering about your sex life.

SoSuave Note: Anything you can do to stimulate a woman's imagination and get her thinking about you is a good thing.

And if you're currently stuck in the "friendzone" with a particular girl, this simple decorating tip just might be enough to get you out.