You Must Be Willing To Walk Away

It's Time to Start Respecting Yourself

by DarkDream

You will never make it to Don Juan status if you are unable to walk away from a woman.

Even if you are in a long term relationship with one, you must be willing to walk away even if it breaks your heart.

A true DJ first and foremost respects himself.

And no matter how he feels or how emotionally attached he is, he must be willing to walk.

Such a man has dignity and shows the world that he does not *need* a woman for his fulfillment. This is a noble man who knows what he wants and is *not* willing to put up with anything less than his wants.

Now let me say a couple things about really beautiful women:

First of all beautiful women are *not* powerful. *We* are the ones that make them powerful. How do we do that? By treating them and viewing them in a special light.

Now the funny thing is that a beautiful woman is not as powerful as you think. She is so used to having her ass kissed and treated like a princess that she expects it.

So what do you do?

You give her nothing. You don't treat her special, you don't kiss her ass and don't go out of your way one bit. If anything, just ignore her, neg hit her, treat her almost like an ugly or normal looking woman.

Now all of the sudden you have the power because you have given her nothing. You have gained the upper hand because she *expects*, based on constant reinforcement, that a guy will willfully supplicate himself for her. This expectation is her main weakness.

Funnily enough, a beautiful woman can't usually stand you ignoring her.

It is an affront to her image that has been constantly reinforced. Because you are telling her that she is *not* special at all.

This all of a sudden can create a dreadful insecurity in her which can peak her curiosity and attraction for you.

A beautiful woman in reality is a slave of her looks and her expectations towards men.

SoSuave Note: Whether you are "powerful" or "powerless" in a relationship with a woman is up to you.

Keep in mind that women are attracted to the powerful, and are usually repelled by the powerless.

And this applies, especially, to very beautiful women.