Attracting Girls Is Not That Difficult

by JDK

I have realized through past experience that attracting girls is not that difficult.

After being rejected once, I figured out what went wrong — simply a lack of confidence.

Using your body language to exude confidence:

  • relaxed
  • eye contact at all times
  • stand tall
  • do things slowly

is simply irresistible to any girl.

If she is already engaged (boyfriend, etc), she will still be warm. Otherwise she will be wandering about you and start showing preening signs.

If she seems not interested at all, simply don't waste your time. Move on. There are many pretty girls out there waiting for you.

What you actually say is not that important. After all, saying anything is better than saying nothing — you have nothing to lose since you had nothing in the first place.

What is important is HOW you say it.

Again, body language, deep voice, etc.

For the first encounter, keep it short. You must appear to be busy. After all, you are important and you have a life of your own.

Don't give her too much attention. Don't act as if she is the center of the world. Ignoring her will attract her to you (especially the beautiful ones, since they are used of getting a lot of attention from guys).

You must constantly be a challenge for her, and she will be all yours. Don't give her the power. After all, you are the man.

So start acting like one!