How to Respond When She Tells You She Has a Boyfriend

by Derek

This is something a friend of mine came up with so I gave it a try. And to much success, I might add.

When you meet a new girl and you're hitting it off pretty well in the small talk area, you want to get her number. But the problem is most of them already have a boyfriend. When they give you this reply, without even flinching, tell them:

"That's O.K., I'll still take you out. I'm not the jealous type."

  1. They laugh. (Good sign.)
  2. It elongates the conversation. (No weird, "I just got rejected feeling.")
  3. If they don't give you their number after that, they will take yours. (I prefer a business card here — looks more professional, and doesn't get discarded as easy.)

The beauty of this is like I said, it takes away the awkward feeling of rejection. Plus, if the conversation was going well in the first place, the woman has a small attraction to you anyways, whether only friendly or not.

I have had this work every time, with only one woman not ever call me. You always feel confident about what you did and said this way also.

I have found that my personality has blessed me with women that are out of my league (as far as looks are concerned). So be confident when you say this — don't make it "another cheesy line". Say it like you mean it.