You Must Practice Meeting and Flirting With Women

by Phillip

I have only in the last year taken an immense interest in the field of meeting and courting women. Before this I was just one of the many "just be yourself" victims.

It seemed that just learning how to deal with situations and having a rolodex of things I wanted to try gave me a sense of confidence I had once lacked. I spent a little over two months reading on the subject of women before I finally decided I was ready to try out what I had learned.

Then it finally happened...

I was at the mall with a friend when I ran into an old friend of mine that about six months prior I had sat next to in a class. We immediately hit it off and we had set a date for that weekend.

I used all of my new knowledge to plan a great date. It went well and she agreed to see me again. Needless to say I had fallen for her.

Now I was obsessed with the idea of winning her over using all of my newfound knowledge. And...

This would prove to be my down fall.

The problem was I was too eager to try every bit of information I had gathered on the subject. I did this and she grew not to like me because she claimed I was too inconsistent and didn't feel I had a strong character.

My problem was that, like all things in life, I needed to focus.

For example, you just can't write a report about World War II and list absolutely everything you know about it. You need to have a topic, a conclusion, and a theme. Not all of your information will be used, but the best and most relevant will be.

Your approach with women should be done the same way.

This can be tough. It will mean you will have to come up with a strategy and that you will have to practice self control, along with your own personal "battle plan."

Now finally to my topic.

I have found that like all things...

You need to practice meeting and flirting with women.

After you have designed a battle plan, try it out on every woman you meet; yes, this will mean ugly and annoying girls too. Just simply pull out before closing the deal.

You will find that not only does this improve your confidence, but you get very good at your own particular way of meeting women. So when you finally do find that one girl that you want to really see things through with... you will be trained and ready.