How I Pick Up Girls At Parties By Dancing

by R3N3G4D3

I always hated dancing, and until two weeks ago never danced in my life.

I hated that I wasn't sure how to dance and I thought I'd screw up so bad that I'd become the star of attention (and not in a good way either).

Let me tell you, I missed out on so much that I wanna kick myself in the butt right now for every party I went to and just ended up sipping beer.

Dancing is an even more extreme version of kino (touching), even if you can't dance for shit.

Here is the thing, almost all girls do know how to dance. So use it to your advantage, try to synchronize with her moves. It's not that hard and they love it.

Put your hands on her waist, her butt, her hips, whatever. If you don't act awkward she won't mind. In fact, she'll start putting her hands on you.

So you wanna dance but are afraid that a girl will turn out to be a bitch and will not want to dance, what do you do?

Here Is the Technique I Use and It Has Proven 100% Successful

...with about 20 different girls at the parties.

You walk around the floor through the crowds trying to dance to the music a little (nothing fancy, it doesn't matter, you just need people to know that you're not here to support the wall and get drunk). As you walk around with a smile or a grin on, look around at the girls.

When you see girls dancing with other girls they are usually waiting for guys to come up to them. You can usually come up to one and put your hand on her and start dancing.

But if you want to be completely safe, just keep dancing nearby her so she can see you or her friend can see you. If she turns around to glance at you and doesn't start moving away you're in, put your hand on her NOW or you'll never have a chance with her — the more you hesitate, the less they like you.

I guarantee that if she glances at you dancing near her and doesn't move, you can safely start dancing with her.

Another situation is when the girl smiles at you. When she smiles at you even for a second, you approach and start dancing with her.

It doesn't matter if she's with her friends, standing in a corner, even dancing with another guy. If she smiles, she wants you to come up.

Oh and don't initiate a conversation when you're dancing, she'll do it herself after a song or two.

That's exactly what I started doing two weeks ago. You want to know the result?

In every case, I didn't ask for their info, they asked for mine and gave me theirs. Three of the girls INITIATED a kiss. And all of the girls I danced with were very hot.

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