How to Seduce 1000 Girls

by Paul

I know a guy who is a DJ at a local bar. I've known him for 15 years and he must have gone through over a 1000 chicks — 2 or 3 every week, and all very attractive.

He looks like a normal guy to me, not much money or anything, not particularly articulate, but he has so many chicks it's unbelievable!

I had occasion to ask him his secrets and observe him over the years. This is what I saw and heard:

He is always smiling at chicks — always. He says "I love women!" and I think he really does, meaning that he does not have a deep conflict over them like many guys do.

I've never seen him down when he's around them. He is always smiling and cheerful and making others feel good with his attitude. Women are emotional as we all know, so this has a very positive effect on them.

But he is crafty and thinks about his moves.

For example, he makes friends with one in order to meet her friends and have an "in" with them. He is playful and teases them a lot, punching them on the shoulder lightly or kidding them about small stuff.

He is easygoing and quiet, doesn't say much, but not shy — just doesn't waste words. Never talks about himself. In fact, he told me this is a big part of it: don't talk about yourself, keep the interest on the other person (the girl) and watch what you say.

Don't talk about just anything that pops into your head. Don't blather about stuff. Stay light (never get into heavy issues with them) and always plan ahead and keep your eye on what they are feeling and doing. (Again, not yourself.)

He'll plan dates 4 or 5 days in advance, who he's going to be with, what he's going to do with them. Plus working at bars, he is there all night every night around chicks — lots of exposure time.

So basically that's it in a nutshell. No need for corny lines or complicated come-on techniques. Just...

  • smile
  • love women openly
  • be friendly
  • be cool
  • plan ahead
  • watch what you say
  • focus on the girl
  • be light
  • get inside their circles by befriending one
  • and put yourself in a situation where you're going to meet lots of beautiful women.

The only problem this guy has is how to deal with all the women who want to sleep with him at the same time. He has probably broken a lot of hearts, but sloughs it off saying "Oh, they're good sports."