Yoga Class - A Great Place to Meet Girls

by Lex

Yoga classes are a great place to meet gals.

Most of these gals, by the way, are young, fit, svelte and beautiful. Not to mention independent, liberal, progressive, healthy, and kind. It's a Buddhist thing I guess.

And most of the pupils in yoga classes are women. My class has a ratio of 2 men to 10 women usually.

And if you happen not to be a guy with lots of quick, one-liners, not to worry because there is no talking in yoga class. It is sort of like moving meditation.

I end up doing "downward dog" 5 feet across from some of the most beautiful women in the city. And believe me, one can get to know someone with unspoken language and body movement, facial expressions, etc.

And the health benefits are enormous. When I started two years ago I was flabby and starting to get over weight from sitting in front of the computer all day. Now after 3 times of yoga a week, I am lean and more self-assured, confident, healthy, and strong.

And the gals do notice.

I now bike to yoga with the most beautiful gal, quite a bit younger than myself. We usually meet for coffee on the way and have since started going out.

There are others waiting patiently in "lotus position" for me to ask them out.

Life is grand.