Dating Tip: Mention Another Woman's Name

by Stockholder

Always leave a few things to a woman's imagination.

Have you ever watched a movie where they showed too much and you were thinking how bad a movie it was? Like most slasher B-movies.

But then there is a classic movie like "Halloween." It doesn't show much of Michael Myers' actions so you keep thinking what did he do? The movie has very suggestive scenes.

The same effect is achieved when you mention another woman's name to some lady you're talking with.

If you do not tell her about your relationship with that woman then the lady you're talking with will keep asking herself "would that be his lover?"

If she asks if she is your girlfriend you can always tell her that "she is a good friend" accompanied with cocky smile. For her that will leave things open to suggestion, and suggestion will activate imagination.

Maybe she will imagine that you are a super Don Juan.

You can make a woman think whatever you want about you without ever telling her anything specific.