Women Flock to Me These Days

by The BassMaster

I've always been the type of guy who found it very difficult meeting women.

Just getting up the nerve to talk with a woman was a major task, let alone asking one out on a date — that was impossible. If I went to a club, chances are that I left without even talking to a single woman.

Then I decided to change the odds in my favor forever... with a magic thing called a guitar!

I started playing the guitar a few years ago for my own enjoyment. A friend of mine told me about a local band who just lost their guitar player. I called and auditioned and made the band.

The night of our first show was amazing!

I was hit on by three women — one average looking, and the other two were amazing blonds (my favorite). Also, a fourth woman tried to follow me into the men's room. The whole night was a confidence booster.

The next weekend I went to a regular bar by myself, and again had a lot of problems talking with women. The next night we played again and I meet many more women. The women would just come up to me and my band mates. We never had to put forth an effort to meet women. It was truly amazing.

Now after a few shows, women at local bars are remembering who I am and are super friendly. I no longer have to make an effort. They flock to me.

The best part is I meet many women each night and get paid to flirt with them. The free drinks and free food are not bad either.