How to Act Around Really Hot Women

by Jason

Most guys experience problems when it comes to women they are interested in. This is due to either nerves or just because they're scared of the outcome.

There is a way to act around hotter women that will give you better odds of going where you want to go. How? You need to treat her like that geeky girl that wants or wanted you.

You probably have had experiences with girls liking you when the opposite was untrue. How did you act when this happened?

  • You gave her mixed signals
  • You acted arrogant
  • You got other girls' phone numbers when you were around her
  • You acted distant and indifferent
  • And all that comes with it

And what did that result in?

Her being EVEN MORE interested in you!

This, when used with hotter women that you might be interested in, has the same effect.

A good exercise is to imagine yourself talking to that exact geek you knew instead of that hot babe that is in front of you. It may seem weird, but it helps a lot to act uninterested around hot women.

Anyways, you should get really good results from this. It's the easiest way to incorporate all material in this newsletter naturally.