A Simple Trick to Help You Relax When Approaching a Girl

by Trickynick

I was on the course yesterday with a golfing buddy from work. We went out before we got the chance to have any time on the range. My first few shots off the tee hooked pretty hard.

My buddy made an observation that my swing looked pretty good but that I appeared slightly tense. This was believable since I had not been playing much this season. He went on to advise me on how to take care of this:

"Pretend there is a potato chip between your teeth which you want to remain suspended there without breaking it."

Do this for a second right now.

You see, any tension in your muscles could cause you to unintentionally clinch your jaw enough to break the potato chip. As result, you relax your entire body.

When I did this I thought if Jim can see the tension in my body as I stand in the tee box ready to tee off, then there probably have been some chicks who have noticed that same tension when I did a cold approach.

And remember, when you appear tense you radiate that feeling to the people around you.

After I began using this as my swing thought, my drives were straight for the rest of the round.

So when you do a cold approach, don't hesitate, but in the seconds before you walk up to her, imagine the potato chip between your teeth.