The Magic of Touching Women

by R3N3G4D3

This website has made a lot of difference in my life. But even after reading numerous advices and understanding them, I was still unable to hook up with any girls.

I easily made tons of female friends, and all my approaches turned into that — just friends.

Now, many of them have hinted that I'm attractive, but I just couldn't try to do anything with them, because after being friends for a few months I just felt weird about pushing it further.

I also rarely used kino (touching) because up until recently it seemed awkward to me.

And this is a BIG MISTAKE!

Because if you never use kino, girls start to think that you're too uptight, even if you act cool. And if you're too uptight, they won't even try to flirt with you, thinking that you're not the type of guy who's interested.

Even at parties, I had no trouble coming up and chatting to a girl and then getting her number. But somehow it felt forced, and I wondered why. In addition to that, when I would actually call the girl up, both of us would feel weird.

Well recently I realized why...

It's All Because of Kino (Touching)

I noticed that when I started using kino on the girls, most would use kino back on me. You put a hand around girl's waist, she puts it around your shoulder. You put it around her shoulder, she puts it around your waist.

Kino not only shows the girl that you feel comfortable about her, it also lets your subconscious mind know that you feel comfortable around her. And you won't be thinking of what to say, you'll just start chatting like you're old pals.

It seriously works!

It's a lot easier and feels more comfortable to take your hand off of her while hugging and say "Listen, I gotta go. What are your digits?" and leave. Instead of standing two feet away from her with a beer and that dorky half-smile and saying "Well... can I have your number?"

Trust me, when you do call her she WILL remember you if you use kino. And even the phone convo will fly smoothly because you're not strangers anymore.

Yes, 30 seconds of holding your hand around her waist can make that much of a difference.