How to Get Girls to Approach You In a Bar or Club

by Belgian "Leoncino" Mike

For years, I used to go to clubs and use the traditional techniques for approaching girls.

But as we all know, unless you know the girl through a common friend, it can be very difficult to engage in conversation with a total stranger. Not only because of the approach, but also because you are usually interrupting something they are doing (dancing/talking with her friends, etc.).

One night, as I was chilling by the bar enjoying my drink, I saw this pretty girl walk by. Out of pure laziness and an urge of nonchalance, rather than approaching her myself, I pointed at her with my index finger and signed her to come over.

To my surprise, she did!

We were able to do small talk and she never seemed annoyed or distracted. Since then, I have repeated this technique many times over, and with great success.

Here are the reasons why this works so well:

  1. Your telling them to come over and talk to you shows a LOT of confidence.
  2. By doing this, you are usually not interrupting her dancing or conversation (or at a minimum, she decided to interrupt it herself).
  3. You have her there alone... no annoying friends. Or if her friends come, typically only the girls will, leaving the guys behind.
  4. You are the "host", she is the "guest." So if she loses interest, she will have to walk away... you just keep chilling there and wait for the next one to come by.

So next time you go to a bar/club, find yourself a relatively open spot with average foot traffic, plant yourself there with a drink, and start waiving them over.

It works like a charm.

They always accept the invitation, and even if they aren't interested, they will have to politely excuse themselves rather than giving you an attitude until you back off.

Happy fishing!

Belgian "Leoncino" Mike

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