Boost Your Confidence with Women, and Have Some Fun at the Same Time

by Mike

Confidence. Those who have it, succeed.

Those who don't, do not.

Confidence is built up over time. It takes the proper mindset (belief in oneself), combined with a continual history of success.

The more you hear a woman say "yes", the more you will come to expect it. It almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why? Because continual success jacks up your confidence.

Whenever I feel like I need a confidence "booster shot", I run over to a bar or strip club.

I hit on the waitresses and the dancers. I have no real motive. After all, they are PAID to be nice to you.

You walk into a strip club, and say "what time is it?", and a dancer will respond with something like "do you work out?", or something similar.

I realize that, for the most part, it is kinda fake and disingenuous, but you are guaranteed success. You will have a hot woman respond to you. She will take her clothes off and dance for you. She will flatter you. She will make you feel good about yourself.

Just don't spend too much money, and you will leave feeling like a champ.

It is no different than going to a doctor, and paying for some medicine when you are sick.