Why Halloween Is the Easiest Day of the Year to Meet Girls

by Brian

Halloween is for single guys what Valentine's Day is for couples.

I believe that it is the single easiest day of the year to meet girls, get numbers, get dates, or get laid. Why?

  1. It's a FUN holiday. It's social, there are parties, and people drink a lot.
  2. Social deregulation. People can, for one night, step out of their identities and be whoever they want to be. Girls won't feel like sluts if they hook up because a) it's a special event and b) people are supposed to "do crazy things" on Halloween.
  3. Costumes. You have the easiest conversation opener in the world: her costume. Take it one step further however and make sure YOU have a truly original costume that makes you stand out, so that they'll be giving you the attention.

A few examples of costumes I've had in the past:

  • My roommate and I went as Slash and Axl one year; he got a girlfriend out of it and I got laid.
  • Last year I went as a flasher, wearing a trench coat with nothing underneath but a red paperboard sign with a sloppy "CENSORED" scrawled diagonally across it.
  • This year I'm a Hooters girl, and already went to one party where I won 3rd best costume and got constant attention from several girls.

So, put some thought into your costume and where you're going to go this Halloween weekend, and you may find it to be the easiest success you've had in years.